SIA „Angāri un paviljoni” offers you a wide selection of buildings to different parameters. These buildings can be used as temporary and long-term action.
Construction industry needs for the required area often changing. In many cases, some materials are stored in large quantities shortly. Also, the production facilities are often used only for a certain period of time. In the above and similar cases, there is a need, either on a temporary or permanent facilities. SIA “Hangars and pavilions” offers you the ideal solution.

Choosing SIA “Hangars and pavilions’ the proposed building, in a short period of time you will receive the necessary space for relatively low prices. Delivered to the building is assembled quickly – a few days, you will already have the necessary facilities. Our buildings are durable. The same design is not complicated and can be assembled in an optimal short period of time.

We hope that our buildings draws your attention.
If you want to get more information, samples, prices – go back to us and we will give you all the information of interest.